The Insatiable Spice Co.

The Insatiable Spice Company was born in Denver in 2014.  We specialize in premium spice blends that are ready to use.      Our spice blends were thoughtfully chosen by specialists to enhance any meat or vegetable with an easy grind.


Our grinders keep the spices whole and fresh until use, maximizing aroma and flavor in each grind. They are easy to use      and a great addition to your spice cabinet whether you are an experienced cook or you are just learning your first dishes. 

No.1 Porterhouse Steak Rub

A smoky blend of sea salt, garlic, pepper, and cumin.

No.2 Lemon Zest and Dill

A blend of sea salt and citrus with background notes of pepper, garlic and dill.

No.3 Fisherman's Seafood

A traditional blend of sea salt and spices.  Perfect as a rub on fish or for your next at home seafood boil.

No.4 Herb Blend Sea Salt
A classic blend! Sea salt and a blend of herbs.

No.5 Roasted Garlic and Sea Salt

A classic Blend! Sea salt and chunks of garlic.  Blend with butter for Italian garlic toast.

No.8 Fire Grill Citrus Herb

Sea salt, orange & lemon peel, garlic and cilantro.